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  Don Tapscott
Chief Executive Officer
Tapscott Group Inc.

A Canadian, Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media, and the economic and social impact of technology and advises business and government leaders around the world. He has authored or co-authored 15 widely read books including Macrowikinomics; New Solutions for a Connected Planet; the 1992 bestseller Paradigm Shift; and Radical Openness: Four Unexpected Principles for Success. His book Wikinomics was the best selling management book in the United States in 2007.

  Philip Carter
Chief Analyst
International Data Corporation (IDC) Europe

Philip Carter is the Chief Analyst of International Data Corporation (IDC) for the European region. His role is to drive innovation in new research topics and deliverables, to promote collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and increase customer satisfaction. Carter identifies new topics and themes to drive thought leadership by working with the broader team to continuously inject innovation into IDC’s regional deliverables, events, and CXO Summits.

He manages the European Enterprise Infrastructure and Software Group, comprising a team of analysts that cover the infrastructure, middleware, and applications software markets. Their task also involves writing and presenting on broader enterprise infrastructure software trends and the impacts of emerging technologies such as BigData, cloud, mobile, and social in relation to the European region.

Originally from South Africa, he currently resides in Germany. Carter is regularly featured in media such as CNBC and Bloomberg, and in global publications such as the New York Times.

  Mark Smalley
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Originally from the UK, Mark is the founder and CEO of Neuroware (a Delaware Incorporated company) that was initially funded by 500 Startups in Silicon Valley, he has been building upon distributed ledgers such as the Bitcoin blockchain since 2012. Currently working from Malaysia, where he has lived as a technology evangelist and consultant for the past 20 years.

  Kumaran Singaram
Head of Asia Business
Connectloud, Inc.

A Malaysian, with over 30+ years in sales and sales management, Kumaran has experienced in building Business in South East Asia from ground up. He created and managed Cisco Asia’s first cross functional sales and business development team to address the ensuing telecoms business transformation toward broadband, video and core IP opportunities.

  Dato Teo Tien Hiong
Executive Officer
Sarawak Information Systems Sdn Bhd

A Sarawakian, Dato Teo was instrumental in building Sarawak Information Systems (SAINS) into a major ICT player in Malaysia with over 800 employees nationwide. Armed with extensive experience in the fields of ICT and strategic planning for over 20 years, Teo led a team of hundreds of designers, developers and implementers to build, deliver and manage a solid portfolio of over 300 ICT solutions and services for Malaysia and the international markets.

  Hans-Peter Ressel
Chief Executive Officer
LAZADA Malaysia

Originally from Vienna, as the CEO, Hans-Peter is the driving force for the Lazada brand across Malaysia and is responsible for bringing products and brands to online shoppers in Malaysia. He is responsible for developing comprehensive plans to ensure the success of Lazada in Malaysia.

  Sean Goh
Country Head
Grab Malaysia

A Malaysian, Sean Goh is the recently appointed Country Head of Grab Malaysia, former Head of 4 Wheels, Malaysia. Graduated with a law degree at the top of his class at the London School of Economics. He has a background in strategy consulting & investment banking at Bain & Company, JP Morgan, Macquarie Group.

  Freda Liu
Producer and presenter
Business FM

Freda Liu is a producer and presenter at BFM 89.9. She is highly admired for her professionalism, tenacity, business acumen and authenticity in the broadcasting world earning the name "The VoiceGuru". Anchoring Her Vantage program at BFM, she speaks about topics on women in leadership and influence in all strata of society identifying the needs for women to be heard and represented. Her effervescent and distinct style in in the industry makes her the A-list broadcaster amongst followers of entrepreneurship & business sector. Starting her career at Edelman PR she moved on to  a stint in the line of PR at IBM, in which those years she became link to the news reading world and broadcasting. Through her years in BFM she has interviewed more than 5000 people! In 2016, she was awarded the Malaysian Startup Journalist by ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards for her knowledge in entrepreneurship and how she shares them. She is also an author for Entrepreneurship genre books; PR Yourself: Red Lipstick & Amazing Shoes and Shake & Spear Your Business.

  Randeep Sudan
Digital Strategy and Government Analytics,
World Bank

Randeep Sudan is currently the Adviser on Digital Strategy and Government Analytics with the World Bank, based in Singapore. His role focuses on helping governments around the globe design and implement digital strategies and leverage analytics for better developmental outcomes. He was previously the Practice Manager for the ICT Sector in the World Bank's Global Practice on Transport and ICT in Washington DC. In this capacity, he led a global team of ICT professionals in supporting developing countries on policies and programs related to broadband infrastructure, mobile networks, digital services, and ICT industry development.

Prior to joining the World Bank, he worked as a member of the Indian Administrative Service and was part of the leadership team that helped the state of Andhra Pradesh in India make significant progress in digital government and become an important international destination for IT-based services. He has a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics.

  Zaid Zaini
Managing Director
Sacofa Sdn. Bhd.

Zaid Zaini attained his Finance & Accounting Degree from the University of New South Wales Australia.

Before moving to Sarawak, Zaid spent the most part of his career in the ICT sector in Singapore and Australia, particularly in the areas of webhosting and Internet Data Centre. He was Webvisions Australia's CEO for over 10 years before spending 2 years with Callbox, a US-based Multi-Channel Marketing company, as the Regional Asia Pacific Director where he looked after the Australian & New Zealand market.

His time in Sarawak as Head of Business Development at Cahya Mata Sarawak brought him up to speed quickly with the local business environment before he took on the portfolio of Chief Information Officer and Head of ICT Division at CMS. Upon the completion of the recent corporate exercise between Sacofa and CMS, he was appointed the Managing Director of Sacofa and sits on the Board of Directors.

  Karamjit Singh
Chief Executive Officer
Digital News Asia

A Malaysian, Karamjit founded Digital News Asia with a vision to help the tech ecosystem in South-East Asia, especially Malaysia, grow and develop. He has picked up a few awards, starting with the Malaysian Press Institute award for Best Telecommunications Writer (English category) in 2002, the DiGi Telecommunications Journalist of the Year (Magazine Category) 2004, to the most recent one in 2009 from the Malaysian Customer Relationship Management and Contact Centre Association as Journalist of the Year in recognition of his informative and critical coverage of the outsourcing sector since 2000.

  Anthony Wong
Australian Computer Society

A Sarawakian living in Sydney. Anthony is the President of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and the founding President of the New Zealand Society for Computers and Law. Graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Bachelors of Law from Monash University and a Master of Laws in Media, Communications and IT Law from University of NSW. He chaired the New South Wales (NSW) Government ICT Advisory Panel, was a Member of the NSW Government Accelerating Digital Government Taskforce and was a member of the Commonwealth Government IT Industry Innovation Council. He is a Board member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), headquartered in Austria, established under the auspices of UNESCO.

He owns a multidisciplinary law and consulting firm advising on technology, CyberLaw, Intellectual Property, privacy and data protection, especially the emerging issues arising from the growth and convergence of cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, robotics and artificial intelligence.

  Professor Jack Singh
Director of Digital Innovation Lab
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

An Australian, Professor Jugdutt (Jack) Singh has substantial senior level academic and research leadership and consultancy experience. Currently he is the Director, Digital Innovation & Translation at Swinburne University of Technology.

  Gerald Wang
Head of IDC Asia Pacific Government and Education
International Data Corporation

Originally from Singapore, Gerald draws on more than 15 years of research experiences in enterprise IT with targeted focuses in strategic planning, operational enhancements, programs and policy development, and innovative technologies unique to the public sector.

  Ehon Chan
Executive Director
Malaysian Global
Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

A Sarawakian, Ehon’s passionate about creating opportunities through connecting people, capital and ideas. Previously, he’s the Founder of Spur Projects, Australia’s leading men’s mental health organisation and Co-Founder of Hub Australia, a network of coworking communities across Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide driving innovation through collaboration.

  Reuben Wee
Chief Technology Officer
Independent Data Services

Reuben is the Chief Technology Officer of Independent Data Services (IDS). He has been with IDS for more than 15 years and was instrumental in the early days when IDS moved from delivering software on floppy discs to delivering solutions over the web. He believes the biggest competitor to IDS should be IDS itself and to this end, his mission for IDS is to leapfrog itself.

  Ahmad Zainudin
Executive Director
New Zealand Natural Beef and Lamb Limited

Ahmad Zainudin is a business entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in managing companies, ranging from ICT to commodities in the global market. Currently, he is the executive director of NZ Natural Beef and Lamb Limited, a trading platform to connect New Zealand producers and exporters to online shops in China.

Graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering from New Zealand, he returned to Malaysia as an early employee of Petronas. He later returned to New Zealand and after gaining an MBA, he subsequently became involved in ICT, initially specialising in embedded software and hardware. Ahmad also pioneers embedded Linux and video streaming.

  Professor Jeremy Bailenson
Director of Doctoral Programme in Communication
Stanford University

Professor Jeremy Bailenson is the founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. He is also a Thomas More Storke Professor in the Department of Communication, Courtesy Professor of Education, Courtesy Professor Programme in Symbolic Systems, a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, and a Faculty Leader at Stanford’s Centre for Longevity.

Bailenson studies the psychology of Virtual Reality (VR), in particular how virtual experiences lead to changes in the perception of self and others. His lab builds and studies systems that allow people to meet in virtual space, and explores the changes in the nature of social interaction. His most recent research focuses on how VR can transform education, environmental conservation, empathy, and health.

  Peter Yap
Managing Director

Peter Yap, an accountant by profession, ventured into the IT business in the 90s. He is currently the Managing Director of Portrade Group of Companies. Portrade deals in a variety of IT disciplines including the development of software packages such as in HR and accounting, system integration, hardware trading and repairs. Portrade also facilities management for logistics industries.

Portrade employs over 35 IT professionals with offices in Sarawak, West Malaysia and China. Its current focus area is the computerization of the front office business processes of SMEs to provide real time information on operational performance.

  Jeff Sandhu
Producer and Presenter
Business FM

Jeff Sandhu is a producer and presenter for Malaysia’s only 24-hour business radio station, BFM 89.9. Graduating as an art designer in film-making, he began his career as a VFX artist for TV commercials and short movies for clients in Malaysia, Singapore and Jakarta before finding his knack for radio. Jeff discovered his love for technology in 2010 when he became the producer and presenter for Tech Talk, a daily show that focuses on technology for all types of consumers. He has interviewed more than a thousand decision-makers in many global and local enterprises, most notably Joe Sullivan (former Chief Security Officer of Facebook) and Dr. John Cohn (IBM Fellow a.k.a Mad Scientist).

Jeff was selected to be the Malaysian representative to the ASEF’s (Asia-Europe Foundation) Young Leadership Summit in 2015 at Luxembourg to share ideas on how start-ups in Asia and Europe can collaborate to build a stronger economic bond. He has also moderated numerous digital conferences and hosted CIO Summit conferences around the region. His current interests are Cognitive and AI, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics.

  Foo Fang Yong
Vice President
Huawei Technologies Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Foo Fang Yong has more than 20 years of work experience, as an operator and vendor in the telecommunications industry.

For was appointed the Vice President of Huawei Malaysia in 2012, in charge of managing Huawei’s telco business in Malaysia. He joined Huawei in 2007 as the Director of the Asia Pacific Carrier Solution Department, overseeing network consultancy and planning in strategic ICT markets in the Asia Pacific region. Before Huawei, Foo was the Head of the R&D Department of Unified Communications and was responsible for telecommunications value added services and signalling product design and development.

He graduated from USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) with an Electronic Engineering degree in 1997, and obtained his postgraduate degree in Software Engineering from Staffordshire University in 2000.

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